About Us

BRD –┬áThe Best Choice

The company stays updated with the latest technology and has imported a Stone Concrete Buggy from the United States, the only one of its type in Australia. It enables us to reduce our costs which we can in turn pass on to our customers. BRD also have 3 Ride On Trowel machines, ‘Whiteman’ walk behind trowel machines and other state of the art equipment. This equipment enables BRD to provide even better quality finishes at a reduced cost.

While BRD Industries can have up to 20 projects on at any given time, its major focus is building one-on-one relationships with all clients. “We pride ourselves on always being available to answer any client queries and to provide advice on any construction issue”.

David and Reg are avid Carlton football club supporters, and they’re even trying to convert staff by offering club memberships!

Company Profile

Experienced and Professional Tradesmen for Over 50 Years

Owner/Operators David Nussbaum and Reg Burubu are BRD Industries. Reg founded the business in 1965, with David joining in 1997. BRD celebrated 50 years of continuous successful operation in 2015. The team have also completed their 2,000th major commercial project in Melbourne in the same year.

Unusual in the construction industry, both David and Reg are qualified accountants, who have taken their skilled backgrounds to create a professionally run concreting company.

BRD 50th Year Celebration